Friday, 2 March 2012

A Brief Synopsis of ENVIRON 2012

The Environ was not just an event by Eco One but this was the first time that any formal event has been organized just to celebrate environment. The event was started by following the tradition of Banaras Hindu University showing respect to the founder father of BHU Pt. Madan Mohan Malviyaji by lighting lamps in front of his statue by the eminent faculty members of the campus namely Prof. Guru Prasad Singh (Member of Core Group RGSC and Mentor of Eco One), Prof. S. K. Swaine (Dean of Students of RGSC), Dr. Ashish Singh (Hostel Coordinator, RGSC) and Dr. S.P. Singh (Sr. Lecturer, FMS). This was followed by singing BHU’s kulgeet.

Dean of students, RGSC Prof. S.K. Swaine congratulated the students on coming up with the Eco club and said this type of work shows the enthusiasm and creative hard work of the members of the club. He showed his support for the club and asked the club to keep doing such great work in future too.

The next program was a presentation on ‘Introduction to Eco One’ by the Head of Eco One Management Council, Debadityo Sinha. He informed the audience about the concepts of an eco club and the objectives of the Eco Club through powerpoint. He informed that Eco One has crossed the mark of 150 student registrations. He congratulated students of B.Com of being the front runner in all the activities. He gave a brief introduction to the Management Council of Eco One and the coordination of the club.  He informed that Eco One blog has an average of 80 page views per day. He announced that the Eco One's main objective from now onwards is 'Zero Waste' Campus' in which help of NSS will be taken in all of the initiatives.  The presentation is shared as follows:

Next was the much awaited talk by Prof. Guru Prasad Singh who is also mentor of the club.  As always, he spoke amazingly and told us about the ideology of Mahamna and environment conservation. He cited examples from tradition, culture and religion of India and their relevance towards environmental laws. Ofcourse, it would be difficult to write all the words he spoke but he was very happy and appreciated the people behind Eco One. Everybody was glad to hear his speech which left us overwhelmed.
Dr. Ajai Singh, Coordinator NSS was also present at the program and he said NSS and Eco One share similar motive and he announced that from now onwards NSS and Eco One will do all the events with mutual support. He also informed about the campaigns of NSS and about the upcoming cleanliness drive in RGSC the day after i.e. 3rd March, 2012.

Dr. Sunita Singh, Environment Teacher in B.Ed was very glad with the work and appreciated the initiative of Eco One. She said, she will be happy to help the club in all its future endeavor. She told, that being an environment teacher she will personally ask her students to join the club.

Environmental Oath was taken. Being Mentor of the club, Prof. Guru Prasad Singh acted the oath giving person.

Continuing with the schedule, the documentary films were screened. The ‘Vanishing Giants’ by Mike Pandey was the opening film which was followed by ‘Faith Revisited’ and ‘Vindhyan Scourge’ which was produced by Debadityo Sinha and focuses the environmental and social problems in surrounding areas of RGSC.
The prizes of ‘Eco Mania I’ was distributed by the guests which are as follows:

Photography Competition

I – Jaydev Kumar Mahato (M.Sc. (Tech.) Env. Sc. & Tech. II)
II – Navendu Nidhan (B.Com(H) FMM III)
III – Ashutosh Mishra (B.Com(H) FMM III)

Jay Dev Kumar I
Navendu Nidhan II
Ashutosh Mishra III

Slogan Writing Competition

I – Neha Dikshit (B.Com(H) III)

See yourself don’t bother about others We exist on the earth its our mother. 
II – Dharmendra Kumar Singh (B.Com(H) III)

Our campus is beautiful and green, let’s make effort to keep it clean.
III – Rena Ahmed (M.Sc. (Tech.) Env. Sc. & Tech. I)

Lead the scene keep the R.G.S.C Campus clean and green.. 


I  - Ananya Tewari (M.Sc. (Tech.) Env. Sc. & Tech. II)


II - Jaydev Kumar (M.Sc. (Tech.) Env. Sc. & Tech. II)

Poster Making competition

I Manoj Kumar (M.Sc. Soil and Water Conservation I)
II Pradeep Kumar (M.Sc. Plant Biotech I)

The last two documentaries ‘The Last Dance’ and ‘Miracle Water Village’ were screened after which Debadityo gave the vote of thanks to end the event. 


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