Sunday, 26 January 2014


On the 65th Republic Day, A Cleanliness Drive was organised in the Rajiv Gandhi South Campus of BHU by ECO1. This event was attended by more than 50 student volunteers who reaffirmed their resolution of making RGSC campus “A Clean Campus, Zero Waste Campus”.

Members of Eco1 during cleanliness drive
ECO1, the organizing club celebrated its 3rd anniversary on this day. A student initiated club in collaboration with Vindhya Bachao Campaign,ECO1 has more than 350 registered members. It has been actively participating in preserving the environmental serenity and biodiversity of the beautiful BHU Campus. Dr. D.M.Singh, Dr. S.N.Singh and Dr. A.K.Singh have attracted praiseworthy words from leading environmentalists and social workers. It was founded by the Students of RGSC and they  participated in this event showing their dedication for a Clean and Environment friendly campus.
Officer On Special Duty Addressing Members of Eco1

The cleanliness event was presided over by the OSD of RGSC, Prof. R.P. Singh who was accompanied by Dr. D.M.Singh, Dr. S.N.Singh and Dr. A.K.Singh. Prof. R.P .Singh, with whose blessings ECO1 was started, showed his appreciations for the participation of students and advised them about the importance of a clean environment. He emphasized that a clean and healthy environment is a pivotal pre-requisite for the proper development of intellectual and wisdom of the students. He also heard various suggestions from the students regarding proper waste management and cleanliness of the RGSC Campus. He assured expedite action and his full cooperation in this regard.