Saturday, 31 March 2012

EARTH HOUR organised @ RGSC: Another landmark added by Eco One

It was 8.30 pm on clock. Occasion was Earth Hour Day. The worldwide campaign organized by WWF in partnership with other environmental groups across the world to spread awareness about saving energy to reduce our carbon footprint. We all must be aware of the fact that coal fired power plants are major source of our electricity which is also a chief source of green house gas CO2.  On every last Saturday of March, a global campaign to switch off lights was started in which one hour there should be complete black out. Slowly, this campaign is reaching every corner of the world. In Banaras Hindu University, a first campaign of this type was organized in its south campus situated in Mirzapur. It was also a first time in history of RGSC that a candle march was held. Approximately 150 students participated in the first ever Earth Hour Campaign organized in BHU by Eco One, the environmental activism group started by students which is now getting support from the entire faculty and recently got the Vice Chancellor’s patronship. The lights of almost every rooms could be seen switched off.

As Eco One has always followed... ‘Our action speaks more than our word’. Our tradition follows in every campaign. This campaign was another addition to the landmarks Eco One has been setting since its inception a couple months ago.

The Earth Hour campaign not only witnessed a great enthusiasm from the students but Dr. Ashish Singh, who is very active member of Eco One and also Hostel Coordinator for RGSC joined this global campaign with his family.. As he said, ‘ I came here not for myself but my 1.5 year old daughter  in whom I want that sensitivity towards environment in her growing years’. Warden of Shivalik hostel Mr. Vijai Krishna along with his friend joined the campaign and informed students the reason for this campaign. The campaign was huge success pertaining to the fact that it was totally voluntarily.

After the candle march was over we put the candles in front of Malviyaji’s Statue in front of Admin building showing our respect to the ideology of Mahamna which Eco One has been following in all its activities.

Our special thanks to the inmates of Vindhyachal Hostel and New Boys Hostel who made this effort a great success! Many many congratulations to the Vindhyavasini Girls Hostel who supported the campaign by doing their part by switching off the lights. It is a great experience to be a part of the landmarks coming every other weeks! Eco One is proud to have such responsible students as its foundation and our teaching staff who are pillars supporting our strong building which is adding a floor with each works. Congrats!


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