Saturday, 26 January 2013

Celebration of 1st anniversary of Eco1 on 26th jan 2013 at RGSC-BHU....

It is the great pleasure for Eco1 that on the eve of 64th Republic day, our 1st anniversary has been celebrated at RGSC-BHU. On this great day, all the member of Eco1 worked in a coordinated way and made dustbin theirselves and put them on different places in the campus so that the wastes generated through sweet containing polythene, wrapper and other biodegradable wastes can be collected in the dustbin. By the help of self made dustbin, it will be possible to keep the campus clean and polythene free. The work done by members of Eco1 for collecting waste has been appreciated by the faculty members. The positive effect of keeping dustbin has been seen frequently. The student were keeping their wrappers of sweets in the kept dustbin near the administrative building of RGSC. Now it is very polite request from the member of Eco1 to all teaching & non-teaching staff and student of this campus to use the dustbin for maintaining the greenery of campus.