Tuesday, 15 April 2014

ECO MANIA II: Prize Distribution Gala!!!

15th April 2014, R.G.S.C: In yet another event of Eco1-BHU, the prize distribution of ECOMANIA II was held at Farmer’s Hostel and was presided by the O.S.D Dr. R.P. Singh, Chief Proctor Dr. Somu Singh, Dr. Anil Kr. Pandey and Mr. Vijai Krishna chaired the event. 

ECOMANIA II was held from 3rd March- 10th March 2014. This environment oriented Annual Competition focuses on encouraging creativity/innovation among students and in the process, imparting them environmental awareness. Many competitions like painting, slogan-writing, essay writing, poetry etc. not only allowed the students to exercise their intellectual soft skills but also innovative competitions like “Kabaad Se Jugaad” and photography allowed active involvement of the competitors.

The Prize Ceremony started as custom dictates with the BHU KULGEET. It was followed by the screening of three documentary movies namely “Vindhyan Scourge”, “The Miracle Water Village”, “The Vanishing Giants” which depicted various environmental problems ranging from the plight of Vindhyan region to the poaching of elephants and watershed management.

A pictorial presentation about ‘Eco1 BHU’ was presented eloquently by Saptarshi Dey explaining various aspects and activities of Eco1 BHU. His presentation was rightly backed by N. Manish’s speech which clearly stated various future aspirations for the participation of more active members and rigor actions to ascertain Eco1 BHU’s motto.
Dr. A.K Pandey, Asst. Prof. IESD, gave an insightful speech on the various possibilities by which Eco1 BHU can help the water scarce district of Mirzapur, especially villages nearby to BHU RGSC Campus. Eco1 BHU has to think not only about the campus RGSC but also utilize the intellectual knowledge of its able members in propagating environmental awareness amongst the people of nearby villages.  He emphasized on active participation of members in a more systematic and regular basis.
Dr. Somu Singh, Chief Proctor shared his past experience with Eco1 BHU. He shared some past achievements of Eco1 BHU like banning polythene bags in the campus. He opined that Eco1 BHU should initiate cultured practices which can be passed on to future batch and hence leading to stronger “eco-ethics” and eco-friendly practices in the campus. He gave many valuable notes on practicing eco-friendly methods like switching off lights when not in use, irrigating the saplings and taking care of them so as to make this campus into a green oasis in this barren and rocky terrain. He assured all possible help of teachers and faculties in future endeavors of Eco1 BHU and suggested more apparent contribution of members for Eco1 BHU.

Mr. Vijai Krishna, Asst. Prof IESD and adviser of Eco1 BHU advised the members to become inspiration for other students. He explained how Eco1 can be a non-formal source for environmental education.  He gave an approach of “Preach What You Practice” for environmental awareness. He asked the students to lead by action, creating healthy eco-friendly trends themselves so as to set an example for others. The event was elegantly hosted by Chitra Pokharia. The audience consisted of members and enthusiastic participants of EcoMania 2014. Finally the function was concluded with distribution of prizes to winners in various events of Eco Mania.