About Us

The Eco One BHU is an environmental sensitization group developed by the students and faculty members of Rajiv Gandhi South Campus (RGSC), BHU. It is founded in 2012 by Debadityo Sinha, student of M.Sc.(Tech) Environmental Science and Navendu Nidhan, a student of B.Com (Hons.) alongwith their friends. Prof. Lalji Singh, Vice Chancellor of BHU accepted the request of the Eco One members to become its Patron on March 24th, 2012. Eco One is supported by its parent organisation 'Vindhyan Ecology and Natural History Foundation' but all of its activities are independently governed by students and faculty of RGSC.

Eco One is open for all students and staff of all academic institutions who voluntarily wants to support this movement. Eco One, with its volunteers from various courses and disciplines is a unique initiative being taken in BHU aiming to protect environment. It primarily aims to protect environment and raise awareness by the principle of involve, engage and motivate. 

The basic concept of The Eco One is 

1. To create environment awareness by mass involvement of students, faculty members, staffs and local communities.

2. Identification and rectification of the environmental problems through science and communication.

3. To develop the environment inside a University campus through innovation and equal participation of all students, faculty members and other staffs irrespective of their field of study.

4. To facilitate environmentalism at local levels by training and hands-on experience.

5. To explore the untapped green resources and future possibilities in and around the academic campus.

6. Create a common platform to culture the leadership and motivational power within the academic campus.

To become a Volunteer of Eco One, please fill up the online Registration Form available on our 'Join Us' page.