Monday, 11 November 2013

RGSC, Eco1 & Me. . . .

The Second campus of BHU situated at Barkachha, Mirzapur district in UP. Our campus is basically a table land which is being used to do research work in agriculture. It was established by BHU with the vision of making an agriculture institution for helping the society with their work, expertise and knowledge, a symbiotic relationship between the farmers of Mirzapur and the scientific think-thanks. An exchange of scientific knowledge and age-old experiences regarding farming is nurtured in this campus.
          Although agriculture is the main priority here, RGSC has got so many other departments running, which includes BNYS, Mass. comm., Pharmacy, B.Com. etc which also includes our M.Sc. (Tech) in environmental science and technology. This campus is a world in its own and being a student of environmental science this campus is a paradise for me since it is situated in the foothills of vindhya mountain range the intermingling or coherence of nature with human civilization is very inspiring. Our campus and nature grows simultaneous, side by side.
          The terrain of Barkachha is rocky and uneven so most of the vegetation is wild. Mirzapur is also a great tourist spot which has got as many as six falls, in very near vicinity which are uniquely beautiful in themselves scenic beauty in each of this places is enthralling  which fills our heart with immense joy and pleasure in every season. Our campus is too,full of scenic beauty which resembles a gurukul.
          At first, farming this place was not possible due to its rocky terrain and soil structure but now due to BHU’s initiative we have got six hundred acres of farm land which facilitates in research works for agricultural and biotechnological purposes and all of its credit goes to an excellent watershed management system of Rajiv Gandhi South Campus, BHU.
          Now there are few issues in this campus which needs to addressed for example:-
   1. Afforestation to be done for more cleanliness and beautification. For this purpose the ideal example can be the BHU main campus situated in Varanasi.
    2. Proper waste management should be done, most importantly which includes installing USE ME’s dustbins and proper dumping sites.
    3. Since RGSC is a system in itself, practices to produce bio fertilizers can be made from biodegradable waste that are released from the hostel , admin building, health centre, and lecture theatre. The non-biodegradable waste can be accumulated and sent to organisations which works on recycling of wastes (plastic bags and other plastic products).
   4. Awareness in people regarding disposal of waste, resourceful use of water and developing an eco-friendly attitude in all students, faculties, officials and workers who are associated with this campus. 
  5. Finally removal of high tension wires and providing transportation facilities(e.g cycles) to students should be done immediately.
These are a few points which according to me, if implemented can make this campus an example in itself for whole of India.