Thursday, 11 October 2012

Eco1 Volunteer Registration 2012 Open

Eco1 Volunteer Registration

Eco1 is a BHU based environmental activism group with motto to raise awareness on environmental issues and working towards a cleaner, greener and safer campus.

Any one from any course can become volunteer of the club by registering themselves online or offline.

Registration of Volunteers is open from 11th October, 2012. The process of registration is simple.

How to Register?

1. Go to our Eco1 blog:
2. Click on tab ‘Join Us’. The Volunteer Registration Form will open.
3. After filling the required information, click ‘Submit’. Or collect registration form from yours hostel EAOs.
4. Inform your nearest Eco1 Ambassador (EOA) within 2 days. The contact details of the EOAs can be found on blog by browsing on tab ‘Reach Us’. EOA will confirm your registration by checking your name from online database.
5. Collect you’re ‘Unique Eco1 Badge’.

For any query related to Eco1 contact following EOAs
Vindhyachal Hostel
Vivek Gupta

Room No 29 (M: 7408128910)
Pawan Tiwari

Room No 54 (M: 9721349995)
Utkarsh Barnawal

Room No 77 (M: 7376848432)
Shivalik Hostel
Satish Yadav

Room No 102 (M: 8574528820)
Suraj Babu Gupta

Room No 87 (M:9897352269)
Sarvesh Gupta

Room No 132 (M:9696153734 )
New Boys Hostel
Sanjay Chandra

Room No 23 (M:9532222054 )
Abhay Kr. Patel

Room No 08 (M: 7800464588)

Vindhyavasini Hostel
Bhargavi Badal

Room No 104
Sacchi Rai

Room No 87
Huma Parveen

Room No 60