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Environ 2012

2nd March, 2012 | Seminar Hall, LT Complex, RGSC

2.30 p.m.  Inauguration Ceremony

Chief Guest Mr. Shiva K. Upadhyaya, Sr. Journalist (President, Vindhya Press Club and Associate Director, Vindhyan Ecology and Natural History Foundation)
2.45 p.m. Introduction to Eco One

3.00 p.m. Talk on Mahamna’s Ideology and Environment Conservation  by  Prof. Guru Prasad Singh, Mentor, Eco One and Member,  Core Group RGSC .

3.15 p.m. Oath ceremony for eco friendly RGSC

3.25 p.m. Film Screenings :

• Vanishing Giants              (5 min. | English)  
Synopsis: The filmmaker Mike Pandey recalls witnessing the shocking predicament of a 25-year-old elephant that was brutally assaulted in custody till it developed severe gangrene and septicaemia. On enquiring why the elephant was not administered medicine, Pandey was met with a stoic, "Such animals always die in captivity. It is tradition." This film was substantial in bringing legislation to stop the traditional methods of elephant capture in India. The disturbing documentary depicting the cruel and inhuman treatment meted out to an imprisoned elephant leading to his eventual death has earned Mike Pandey the covetous Green Oscar award for the third time. He is also  the first film maker from Asia to get Green Oscar first time and also only film maker to get it three times. 
• Faith Revisited                (12 min. | Hinglish)
Synopsis: Nature Worship in India dates back thousands of years. This internationally reverred film focuses on drawing the world's attention to the fact that we owe our very existence to Nature, and her various elements. All forms of life, that spring from Mother Nature's womb, are essential for the functioning of the web of life. Conservation of the environment through nature worship is very important and practised widely across India. This film brings to light the simple and uncomplicated customs prevalent in India that follow this beautiful idea. 
• Vindhyan Scourge        (30 minutes | Hindi) 

Synopsis: The film is about the experiences of the Director in the Vindhyan range of sub district Marihan in Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh. The film explore the facts and reasons behind the loss of forests and wildlife in forests of Mirzapur District in context to prevailing social conditions and challenges in India. So far socio-conomic problems were seen different from environment but this film will show you, confuse you, motivate you to think...It took more than 2 years to complete this film.

• The Last Dance                   (12 min.  | Hindi) 
Under the law, the Indian sloth bear is entitled to the same protection as the tiger. Yet crimes against it are committed openly across India as bears are made to dance. By venturing on an undercover operation and witnessing the surrender of a dancing bear, the film seeks to show how this crime can be brought to an end. 

 The Miracle Water Village     (12 min. | English)
As the world reels under the threat of unrelenting climate change, erratic monsoons and fast depleting groundwater reserves, The Miracle Water Village narrates the inspirational story of impoverished farming community in India that reversed its fortunes through its visionary model of water management.

Lying in one of the worst drought-prone regions of India, the village of Hiware Bazar battled many decades of sparse rain and failed crops. However, 20 years ago, the entire village came together to script a silent revolution by designing a rainwater-harvesting model that saved every drop of the scanty rain they received. Today, the village is literally an oasis in the middle of the desert, boasting of bumper harvests, dairy co-operatives, millionaire families and visionary farmers. 
4.45 p.m. Awards of Eco Mania Competitions 



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