Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Eco1: The Gardener of RGSC

In the city of natural beauty “Mirzapur”, RGSC is located just 10 Km away from the divine pure Ganges river. RGSC is growing like a baby day by day in the lap of the mother earth by making the use of every natural resource in a sustainable manner either we talk of the afforestation done after the deforestation for making buildings, or the proper utilization of the water for various purposes like daily need, agriculture etc.
Not just the train stops here, RGSC has grown much more plants than uprooted for constructions, the very scenic beauty of the nature can be seen here in terms of flora and fauna still jackals and neel-guy can be seen which are slowly – slowly been shifting to their natural habitat with the help of the Forest department.
Paradise in RGSC
Eco1 an active environment club is basically working to maintain the natural beauty of place along with the development of the campus, its main aim is sustainable development. Polythene carry bags are totally ban in the campus (which is non-recyclable material) with the effort of Eco1. The Eco1 is founded by Debadityo Sinha an active environmentalist with the vision of making this campus a “zero waste campus”. Dustbins are put alongside the roads in order to make the campus look clean. Various charts regarding environment protection can be seen in the campus. Seminars also being organized time to time to educate and aware the students about the very cause of environment.  
As such 2013 is named as “water conservation year” by the Prime minister of India and “International year of cooperation” by United Nation. Keeping this in mind Eco1 celebrated world wetland day by organizing a cleanliness drive in the Windham Fall area which is being a hotspot for the tourism is polluted by the tourists harshly and no one is still thinking of it even the government bodies are still on the bed and eyes closed. It is a said proverb “Act like a mirror” it is also true in all time of life then why we are running from it when it comes to the environment if nature is giving us a pure and valuable  environment to live and to sustain life then why are we destroying  nature why ???