Thursday, 20 March 2014

Students of RGSC sent Petition to Ministry of Enviornment and Forests against proposed Thermal Power Plant near the campus

The concerns regarding the impact of proposed thermal power plant by M/s Welspun Energy from the Rajiv Gandhi South Campus is now becoming larger. After the Registrar, Banaras Hindu University wrote to Ministry of Environment and Forests in September, 2013 - more than 550 students of the South campus sent a petition alleging the company on issues as follows:

1. The Public Hearing was not communicated to us and hence, we could not register our objections.

2. The EIA report has no mention about the BHU South Campus despite the fact that it lies within 10 Km of the project site and no impacts of the project on the university campus is been discussed.

3. Whereas, the Upper Khajuri dam is to be used and 40,00,000 liters of water is to be pumped, there is no mention of the river Khajuri and the impacts on this river due to the proposed thermal power plant. Company has also mentioned about filling up the Upper Khajuri dam with water from Ganges. There is no doubt that all these activities will danger the existence and water quality of the river but the Lower Khajuri dam is also under great danger as our drinking water supply is from Lower Khajuri dam. Wyndham fall and Kharanja fall are integral part of the River Khajuri and Upper Khajuri dam is the source of the river, impact on which finds no mention in the EIA report.

Apart from being a tourist place-Khajuri River, Wyndham fall and Kharanja fall is an important part of the culture and life of the students of BHU South Campus. We visit the places very frequently and has been taking care of these water falls including its cleanliness with Forest Department. Hence, we won't tolerate any kind of alteration to the river source and its quality.

Official email was sent on March 10th, 2014 and the hard copy was being submitted at Ministry's office in Delhi today. Following is the receipt of the letter:

The petition can be downloaded from the following link

For all EIA related documents, representations and reports regarding the proposed thermal power plant one can download them from


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