Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Dr. Ashish Singh Speaks About Eco One

I was also concerned about the environment and its preservation – but only on paper.  In practice, one visit to my home confirmed the thing. All the things, right from electricity consumption to the use of polythene, were detrimental to the environment. I thought lot about banning the use of polythene in my house. But, at the same time, I felt ashamed about carrying the cloth bag with me. I wanted to save electricity in my house. But, I felt lot of tried in switching of the light.  

Dr. Ashish Singh @ Earth Hour Campaign (RGSC)
Then, on one fine day, I became member of Eco One. And from this day, my thoughts about environment and its preservation were totally changed. I learnt about lot of things from the Eco One members. Be it minimizing the use of polythene, or saving the electricity, or be it very small thing like throwing the wasteful things in the dustbin, I learnt a lot. And apart from learning, I made it a practice to adapt those things in my daily life. Thus, I can claim to be, not 100%, but in maximum cases, environment friendly and concerned about this.

This thing can be attributed to my small daughter. If we do not learn to preserve the environment, I feel that there will be nothing left for my daughter to see in future. And, if I can learn this thing, anybody in the world can learn and adapt this thing in his or her daily life.            

Now, I carry cloth bag in my car. If I have to purchase anything from the market, I use the same, instead of polythene. Now, I don’t feel tried to switch off the lights. I use my feet for walking instead of car. These all things make me feel very light and environment friendly citizen. 

And, I, do believe, that, at the end of the day, many other citizens, may also become environment friendly and feel the same, as I am feeling now.

Save Environment, Save Earth.

~ Dr. Ashish Singh
Associate Professor, MBA Agri Business

Dr. Ashish Singh is a great environment enthusiast and he is also one of the Moderators of Eco One.